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Brianna Bennett
Past President, Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals

As a fairly new Angeleno, I was looking for a community-based organization where I could dig in and help out. When I reached out to the Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals (LAULYP) in 2012, Chanelle Brown was the Membership Chair who welcomed me in and found ways to keep me involved. I always credit her for my continuous involvement in the Urban League Movement, from  Community Service Chair to President, and to leading college outreach initiatives as the Youth and Civic Engagement Subcommittee Lead under her leadership on the Advocacy Committee.

Chanelle is definitely a powerhouse and servant leader. It’s been great to grow up with her in the Movement and see all that she has accomplished across regions. I know that she would do an amazing job as the Western Regional Vice-President.


Carmela Smith                                      Past Chief of Staff, NULYP and member of the Sacramento Urban League Young Professionals

I had the pleasure of meeting Chanelle Brown in my hometown of Sacramento when she lived in Los Angeles. As a person who has also served in leadership within my local chapter and on the NULYP Executive Leadership Team from 2014-15, I appreciate a leader who has a local sensibility and a national perspective.

While serving under her leadership on the advocacy committee, I’ve seen how skillful and intentional she is in cultivating leaders in the West and taking this region to higher heights. 

Carmela's Headshot.png

Kwame Simmons,                                  Past Civic Engagement and Political Awareness Chair, Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals 

Working with Chanelle on the Advocacy Committee I got first hand experience with her principled, passionate leadership. She demonstrated her dedication to advancing the cause of the Young Professionals and ensured each member was supported through their efforts at each site.


I was able to serve as the first ever Western Region Ambassador for the committee and build relationships with Western region presidents. I know she would bring that same energy from her previous leadership capacities to the role of Western Regional Vice President.



Tra Talley                                     
President, Dallas-Fort Worth Urban League Young Professionals

I was fortunate to meet Chanelle Brown when she was a leader of the Los Angeles chapter and can attest to her maintaining the same commitment, drive and passion she exhibited 9 years later. She has strategically placed Dallas chapter leaders into leadership positions to gain national exposure and help drive our impact in advocacy.  


I know she will grow the Western region to new heights and plug them into the national movement.  


Danielle Craig
Past President,  Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League Young Professionals 

I was fortunate to meet Chanelle Brown when she was a leader of the Los Angeles chapter and can attest to her maintaining the same commitment, drive and passion she exhibited 9 years later. She has strategically placed Dallas chapter leaders into leadership positions to gain national exposure and help drive our impact in advocacy.  


I know she will grow the Western region to new heights and plug them into the national movement.  


Lolitta Kirby                               
President, Urban League of Essex County Young Professionals 

Chanelle Brown has been an inspiration to me and the entire movement. Working with her on the Census and advocacy initiatives, I’ve seen her dedication, professionalism, and passion to advance the YP movement in her home state and nationwide. 
I know she will have her eye on the west and be a gateway to the national movement.  


Akear Mewborn                            
President, Urban League of Greater Columbus Young Professionals

Trying to maneuver the waters of one of the most critical Presidential elections in history amid a worldwide pandemic as a fairly new chapter president was daunting to say the least. But if it is wasn’t for the guidance and unyielding support of Chanelle Brown in her role as NULYP Advocacy Chair during this time, I don’t know how I would have been able to guide my board, members, and city in the historical victory experienced here in Georgia in 2020.


As the saying goes, “If you want to go fast – go alone, but if you want to go far – go together.” Well, I want to go in the direction where Chanelle is at the helm.


Shauntee Randle
President, Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League 

In working directly with Chanelle over the course of my tenure in advocacy, I found her to be a great support to MetroBoard’s Civic Engagement committee and all of our endeavors. She is responsive, encouraging and communicative. We have greatly enjoyed working with her!


I strongly believe she will continue to be a great pillar in this movement, elevating the Western region and empowering leaders to live up to their full potential.



Keely Brown
Past Western RVP, NULYP

Since 2013, I have personally witnessed the growth of Chanelle Brown, one of the most vibrant leaders of excellence in the Western Region. Chanelle went from being a local chapter leader in the Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals, to serving on a NULYP committee, to effectively leading one of the most interactive and impactful committees in the Movement – Advocacy, at a national level.


Chanelle is a passionate steward for leadership and community, has keen professional judgement, and has the capacity and influence to take the Western Region – its chapters and members, successfully into the future.


Virginia Johnson
President, Las Vegas Urban League Young Professionals

I wholeheartedly support Chanelle Brown for Western Regional Vice President. Not only has she been great in providing advocacy support and coaching throughout the pandemic, but she has went above and beyond in being accessible and communicative in times of need, which is refreshing.


I enjoyed partnering with her for regional virtual events where I was able to make a direct impact on increasing voter turnout in my state. I believe she will take the Western Region to the next level with the same energy, grace and transparency she has exhibited in her current leadership role. 


Alberlynne "Abby Harris" Woods
Past President, Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals

Chanelle Brown has an electrifying passion for the success of Black people. When I met Chanelle Brown for the first time at a LAULYP event, I knew she was a rising star able to offer fresh, new energy that our civil rights movement needs. She was the first person I appointed to serve on my Executive Leadership Team during my Presidency and she immediately went to work.

She not only increased our membership by 200%, but she also initiated and led an ongoing college and high school outreach initiative that helped us attract the attention of young leaders all over Los Angeles and even the Inland Empire. Chanelle has an unmatched ability to strategically propel all of the leaders and members in the region to higher heights with her charisma and tenacity to succeed above all odds. I am certain that the Western Region and all of NULYP will be blessed tremendously under her leadership.

Abby harris.jpg

Sean Reed
Equity Officer, Dallas-Ft. Worth Urban League Young Professional’s 

Chanelle Brown is a woman of influence that has impacted all regions of this national movement. She has supported me as a new leader in YP by connecting me to resources and partners that allow me to have a greater impact in DFW. She’s encouraged and empowered me to seek more opportunities to contribute to the movement, such as being featured in the NUL State of Black America report. She has revitalized our movement with her energy, can-do attitude and fearlessness.


I know she will do whatever it takes to make sure the Western Region is visible, supported and put on the map!


Dante Jennings
Past President, Jacksonville Urban League  Young Professionals

In her position as Advocacy Chair, Chanelle Brown led with purposefulness and strategic vision. She collaborated and challenged us as a committee in ways that reflect her commitment to inclusivity and creating space for new voices to take initiative.


I know she will take that same approach in empowering leaders in the West as the Regional Vice President. 


Elana Frazier
President, Columbia Urban League                  Young Professionals

Chanelle Brown has been an encouraging light to me and the entire movement with her care, compassion and dedication to advancing our mission and cause. Her resources, support and guidance has allowed my chapter to flourish in the last year.


As Advocacy Chair, Chair Brown took activism within the movement to another level. I know the Western Region will flourish under leadership.


Shannon Currie
President, Urban League of Broward County Young Professionals

We have serious battles in Arizona, California, and Colorado, with past and present elected officials looking for procedural loop holes to cast doubt on our elections. The movement needs someone with both the regional and national resources to empower our YP chapters in the west, and there is a no one more qualified to fight these attempts at voter suppression than our current National Urban League Young Professionals National Advocacy Chair Chanelle Brown, as our next Western Region Vice President.
Let’s activate the west with our legislative best. 

Vote CB for Western Region RVP!

Bianca Avery
Secretary, Dallas-Fort Worth Urban League Young Professionals

Chanelle Brown is the textbook example of what it means to lead with integrity, passion, and purpose. I have enjoyed working with her as a member of the NULYP National Advocacy Committee which she has chaired with a deft hand and a heartfelt sincerity to make a positive impact on issues that impact our community. I appreciate her who she is, what she’s done, and what I know she will continue to do in moving the Western region and NULYP movement forward. 


Shante Stevens
President, Richmond Urban League Young Professionals

I’d like to take a moment to give a testimonial on my experience in working with Ms. Chanelle Brow,n who currently serves as NULYP’s Advocacy Chair.
I’ve had the privilege of working with Chanelle on a number of policy initiatives and activations over the last year. The first initiative that stands out is the 2020, “When We All Vote” activation. During that campaign, Chanelle led the charge on making sure each chapter had all of the tools they needed to organize a successful voter drive. This was particularly difficult given the fact that our country just entered a pandemic and all in-person interaction came to a halt. Chanelle didn’t miss a beat and pivoted to the virtual environment seamlessly. I distinctly remember her being very concise on each Zoom meeting we had for the campaign. Her passion to make sure that our members understood the importance of voting shined each and every time she spoke. It was motivating and gave myself and other YP Presidents the zeal we needed to effectively lead the advocacy efforts of our chapters.
The first time I worked with Chanelle in-person was during the recent “March on Washington” which gave me even more respect and gratitude for her commitment to the movement. From the start, Chanelle was thorough in making sure all YP volunteers knew exactly what was expected. She kept us up to date on lodging details, weekend activities and anything else we needed to know. On the day of the march, it was apparent that the main organizers didn't have everything ironed out. Instead of letting the ball drop, Chanelle stepped in and selflessly sacrificed her personal time to mitigate confusion and keep us on track. Because of her leadership, we were prepared and killed it!
In all, Chanelle is an incredible asset to the Urban League. Leaders like her who are genuinely about the work and understand how to contribute to the mission, are the reason why we are able to make such a huge impact. I’m excited to see how she will shake the world as she continues to rise and even more excited to serve along with her.

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