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Chanelle Brown is a communications strategist and change agent. After serving as the Senior Research and Policy Fellow at the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute in Atlanta, she returned back home to northern California to work as a Media Relations Strategist at Burrell Communications. Previously, she served as the Public Relations Manager at TV One, Communications Director in the New York State Assembly and as a communications associate with the Los Angeles City Council.

Chanelle has also held multiple roles at various marketing communications firms and digital media companies. In 2014, she worked as an English teacher and consultant in communications and program development at a social enterprise in Dominican Republic.


As a global citizen and activist, Brown is committed to creating change for underserved communities both locally and internationally. She has served on the inaugural Executive Leadership Team of the International Black Women in Public Policy Institute Young Ambassadors Program, Executive Leadership Team of the National Urban League Young Professionals as Advocacy Chair and Advisory Board Member of the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition. She’s also active in other civic engagement, civil rights and professional organizations. When not working, you can find Chanelle at beaches, traveling, attending music festivals and more.


Chanelle is a graduate of The Los Angeles African American Women in Public Policy Institute at the University of Southern California, the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Core Organizing Institute, the National Urban League’s Congressional Advocacy Program and the Dorothy I. Height Global Leadership Academy.


She has been a member of the Los Angeles, Sacramento, New York and Thursday Network YP chapters. She is a proud alumna of Howard University holding a Bachelors of Arts in Telecommunications Management.



  • Build a strategic plan with SMART goals that leverages our assets and manages our areas of opportunity

  • Develop an onboarding packet to ensure each president has the tools to lead a thriving chapter from an operational level

  • Establish a Western Region Leadership Academy for presidents with visiting guest speakers from within and outside our region, to support the presidents’ personal and leadership development


  • Establish connectivity amongst our chapter leaders throughout the region with a shared calendar and dedicated virtual channel for group exchanges

  • Develop a buddy program so Western Region Presidents can be paired with peer mentors throughout the movement

  • Focus on community building with curated member experiences for YPs in the Western Region


  • Funnel tangible resources from NUL and NULYP to Western Region chapters to enhance capacity building and programming

  • Serve as a strong advocate and liaison for the region where there’s enhanced internal communications, transparency and consistent national updates

  • Provide ongoing, tailored coaching for presidents to help work through challenges, benchmark success and impact


I am inspired by the passion, drive and dedication of the servant leaders in the Western region. Our history and contributions to the National Urban League movement runs deep.

My leadership skills, creativity and determination will make me an asset to the region and NULYP Executive Leadership Team. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as your Western Regional Vice President to harness the talent, treasure and greatness of this region.

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